Anthogyr Torq Control® 15501 Universal Implant Torque Wrench

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Anthogyr Torq Control® 15501 Universal Implant Torque Wrench


Quintess Denta have been synonymous and instrumental with our Facial
Prosthetics department here at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.
We have used Quintess for a while now and have been impressed by their
professionalism and etiquette.
We recently, under the recommendation of Stephen, tried the Anthogyr
Torque wrenches out for our Facial Prosthetic patients. This instrument is
fantastic as it can torque down to 10 Ncm and meets all of our needs.
We use them for extra oral implant applications in the Orbit, Midface
and Auricular prosthesis.
I really can recommend this innovative instrument as it is all too easy to
over torque the screws with the manual torque wrenches. With the
Anthogyr Torq Control you have a pre-set torques so are therefore
guaranteed not to over-torque .
Mr. Stefan Edmondson
Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist/Reconstructive Scientist
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.


Anthogyr Torq Control® 15501 Universal Implant Torque Wrench

Precision instrument equipped with a torque adjustment system that enables tightening of prosthetic components at specific torques.  Weighing only 135g, this product is recommended with any type of implants.  

Automatic declutching when the selected torque is reached
  • Compliance with protocols for screw tightening. 
  • Limitation in the risk of fracturing or loosening the screw.

    7 torque levels (from 10 to 35 and universal connection of prosthetic mandrels 

    • Compatibility with all implant systems.


    Micro-head and ergonomic handle

    • Excellent visibility in the mouth. Easy access to the posterior areas

     Easy and quick to use

    •  Reduced range of motion compared with tightening using a ratchet wrench.