Traus SUS10 Ultrasonic & Implant unit

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Traus SUS10 Ultrasonic & Implant unit

Traus SUS10 Ultrasonic & Implant unit

  • Includes 20:1 Handpiece + Piezo Handpiece

TRAUS SUS 10 combines ultrasonic and rotary technologies to be used in diverse clinical areas, especially for dental implantology and Piezo Surgey with dual functions. The ultrasonic handpiece is active only on hard tissues, and it is non-invasive on soft tissues, resulting in improved safety, efficiency and less pain during surgery. In addition, when the dentist takes the handpiece off from the patient, the unit moves to a standby mode, which provides durability on the unit and handpiece as well as increasing the tip’s life span.

For implant motors, it provides all necessary and efficient functions for dental implant surgery, such as highly qualified torques for drilling and insertion of dental implant fixture, and visibility with LED in handpiece.


About Traus

Saeshin Precision Co. Ltd was founded in 1976 and was the first company to develop a dental handpiece in Korea.  With a strong focus on innovation and embracing technology, Saeshin’s Traus brand has gained a strong reputation for quality, which is why they are the market leader in their home country as well as exporting their products to over 120 countries around the world.  The company has received many awards over the years for the design, manufacture and exporting of their product range making Traus a major player in the dental market.