CleanCert 12 WEEK SUPPLY 2.5L Non-Toxic Biofilm Cleaner

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CleanCert 12 WEEK SUPPLY  2.5L Non-Toxic Biofilm Cleaner

CleanCert specialises in disinfection and water purification products, used by independent and corporate dental practices alike.  Preventing ‘biofilm’ from breeding in your DUWS (Dental Unit water systems) is vital for ‘best practice’ compliance in HTM 01/05 (section 6.86). CleanCert's disinfectant is ideal for purging dental chair water lines, reverse osmosis filters and autoclaves.

  • Non-toxic Biofilm Cleaner
  • Can Be used on all water lines
  • Can Be used as a Surface Disinfectant
  • No Mixing Required
  • 1 x 200ml per week per dental unit

1. Better

The ultimate goal after any recommended treatment is ‘0’ (zero) CFU, aka Colony Forming Units, as this demonstrates that there are no pathogens being detected that could multiply out and cause bio-film build-up.Time and again, independent research has shown that after a 5 minute contact time, CleanCert results in 0 (zero) CFU. Many other cleaners do not achieve this.

2. Easier
CleanCert simply requires you to insert 200 mls per week into your dental chair, for a contact time of 5 minutes, to achieve 100% results. Other bio-film cleaners need corrosive shock treatments using corrosive acids, or require you to adhere to complicated mixing formulas and then leaving in the chair’s waterlines overnight. With CleanCert, you pour in 200ml, leave for a 5 minute contact time and rinse through for 10 seconds. Easy!

3. Cheaper
The purchase price and the cost per week of using CleanCert's bio-film cleaner in your dental practice is fantastic value compared to your current bio-film cleaner.

About CleanCert
The properties that make CleanCert a truly exceptional product, use a biocide that human white blood cells naturally produce to attack invading pathogens, known as Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Every time the body is damaged internally or externally, HOCl will be produced and attack any pathogens through ‘chemotaxis’. It is one of human’s most symbiotic procedures: both for its efficacy in eliminating pathogens yet being inherently  harmless to humans and wildlife. The formula sounds simple and it really is- the technical part is what CleanCert have patented: a procedure that stabilises the formula for commercial use.

The manufacturers of CleanCert have been producing this HOCl based cleaner for over 10 years for the medical sector. It is a tried and tested formula that stands up to all independent testing over and over again!