Section cuts

What does precision in detail mean? 

A picture is worth a thousand of words. see for yourself and take a critical look at what characterizes a MEDINTiKA original.

Quality is demonstrated most clearly in a direct comparison- and we love transparency. For this reason Medentika have prepared section cuts of both our abutments and also those of the original manufacturer. The illustration reveals every single design and manufacturing feature. With these photographs Medentika want to show you that we do not simply copy, but refine, whenever possible and appropriate.

C series/ compatible with Altatec Camalog Screw-Line-Root-Line 2   

    1.Gap dimensions on the preliminary tube segment are practically identical to the original.
    2. Vertical transmission of the tube segments is practically identical to the original. 

    CX Series / Compatible with Medentis Medical ICX


    1. High precision manufactured conical section in terms of full-surface contact in the vertical extension .
    2. Emergence profile takes the physiology of the gingiva into account.
    3. Reduced gap dimensions on the preliminary tube ensure solid absorption of the horizontal forces exerted on the abutment.  

       E-Series/ Compatible with Nobel Biocare/ NobelReplace Tapered.


      1. Reduced gap dimensions (see horizontal section below) on the primary cylindrical sections ensure reduced relative movements between the implant and the abutment. This reduces the stress on the abutment screw and "micro-pump effect" of the system.


      1. Reduced gap dimensions on the primary cylindrical segments ensure less relative movement between the implant and abutment. This reduces the stress on the abutment screw and "micro-pump effect" of the system. 

        EV-Series/ Compatible with Dentsply implants ASTRA TECH OsseoSpeed EV


        1. Very precise conical fit with deep transmission in the conical section. 

          F-Series/Compatible with Nobel Biocare Nobel active/ Nobel replace conical


          1. A precisely manufactured conical section ensures full contact on the implant cone. A hex in the implant with the smallest possible gap dimensions ensures minimum rotation and axial stabilisation. A solid screw shank finally stabilizes the abutment with horizontal force application. 

            L Series/ Compatible with Straumann Bone level



            1. A high precision manufactured conical section ensures full-surface contact. Reduces gap dimensions in the cylindrical element ensure high axial stability with horizontal force application.
            2. Minimized gap dimensions provide axial stability and reduce movements between the abutment and the implant. 

            N Series/ Compatible with Straumann tissue level  


            1. The conical fit is very precise over the entire length.
            2. Conical contact is also full surface and significantly deeper in the deep conical segment.   
            3. This results in considerably deeper transmission of the exerted forces in the implant. 

            R Series/ Compatible with Zimmer dental Tapered screw-vent/ MIS SEVEN Internal Hex BioHorizons Tapered Internal, Internal Plus, Tapered tissue level. 


            1. Reduced gap dimensions in the hex for decreased rotation and increased axial stabilisation. 
            2. Shorter, more solid abutment screw for stabilisation of the abutment by horizontal force application. 

            T Series/ Compatible with DENTSPLY Implants XiVE


            1. The gap in the first cylindrical segment is significantly reduced. this reduces the relative movement of the abutment to the implant and the force this exerts on the abutment screw.  
            2. The gap in the second segment is also reduced and ensures more deeper transmission. Deepest possible transmission of the forces ensures higher axial stabilisation of the abutment in the implant.