Repair Centre

We repair handpieces using superior parts that deliver greater durability & performance. Should your handpiece come to the end of it’s lifespan and a repair would be uneconomical we will simply inform you and return your handpiece as you sent it.

Prompt turnaround on all Repairs

We aim to complete all repairs thoroughly and effectively – but also efficiently, to ensure that Quintess Denta remains your choice for fast, convenient dental services. Our technicians will assess your handpiece, diagnose the problem and return it to you in the shortest time possible, keeping you updated as the repair is processed.

Repair Center/Quintess Denta/UK/IRE


Full Consultation

We are happy to discuss in full your repair needs and provide a free quote tailored to your personal requirements. Our experts are always on hand to talk through any queries you might have about the Quintess Denta service.

Repair centre/Quintess Denta/UK/IRE

High Quality Parts

From high-speed overhauls to replacement turbines, air motors and sonic scalers, we fit only high-quality parts that will improve the longevity and performance of your product. We have strong relationships with all the leading handpiece manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we can replace broken or faulty parts correctly and effectively.

Repair Service/Quintess Denta

Complete Testing

Our standard service includes a thorough, detailed product test, incorporating: disassembly and replacement of ceramic or steel bearings and seals, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing interior and exterior, replacing all necessary parts, lubrication and testing under load to achieve optimum performance.

Repair Service


A key part of our service is concentricity testing on handpiece turbines, which is the single most important aspect of a high quality, long-lasting repair. Even a slight deviation from the centre can damage the turbine and shorten its lifespan. Our technicians use a concentricity gauge to perform a variety of tests for every high-speed repair.

Quintess denta repair service

Excellent Warranties

All our repair work is covered under a three-month, six-month or one-year full warranty to give you peace of mind and full confidence in our services. We fit only manufacturer-certified parts to ensure the long-term functionality of all equipment


Attractive Price Options

Quintess Denta prides itself on unbeatable price guarantees that set it above others in the field in terms of value-for-money and competitive costs. There are exclusive discounts for members, as well as frequent offers for our loyal customers and in the event of bulk purchases.


Ongoing Maintainence & Support

Once your repair journey with us is complete, this doesn't mean an end to our service. We offer continued, long-lasting maintenance and support for your handpieces, including advice from our experts, easy-to-understand videos and downloadable Q&A sheets to answer any queries or concerns you might have.


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