Neodent... now available in Ireland with Quintess Denta


Quintess Denta are delighted to be awarded the exclusive distributorship in Ireland of the fastest growing implant system in the world, Neodent, a Straumann group brand.  
Neodent is a Brazilian manufacturer of dental implants that was acquired by Straumann in 2012. They have been manufacturing implants for over 22 years and is currently the fourth largest implant company in the world by volume of implants manufactured. Neodent is rapidly growing and the goal is to be the number 1 largest implant company by 2020.
20+Years History4th Largest Company

The Irish dental implant market is becoming more and more competitive for dentists. Competition is driving down the cost of treatment for patients, so clinicians require less costly components to remain profitable. The Neodent implant is an affordable premium implant.  Ideally, it will enable more patients to afford quality dental implant treatment while providing dentists with the confidence in knowing that the materials they place in their patient’s mouths are still well manufactured and safe. Although new to Ireland, Neodent is a very established, very trusted brand that is huge in some countries. 

+1M per year+30k Dentists

The Neodent implants provide an outstanding ability to maintain and preserve bone around the connection, which gives patients beautiful and lasting results. A combination of the surgical protocol, morse taper connection, acid etched surface, thread design and abutment selection options, delivers exceptional results for dentists and their patients. Neodent customers have said that they rarely see cases of periimplantitis with Neodent implants. Peri-implantitis is a very big concern in the industry. Neodent implants are packaged with a hydrophilic treatment to speed up the healing process.

150 StudiesAs Neodent implants have been around for more than 23 years, the education on offer is also well established. There is a global course catalogue for Neodent customers that offers training at all levels of implant experience. The system itself is excellent for immediate loading – primary stability is a key feature of the design.

“Neodent is one of the few systems with a zygomatic implant.  You don’t produce a zygomatic implant if you don’t know what you’re doing, and we’re finding that resonates with a lot of our customers. That zygomatic implant is the only one in the UK & Ireland with an internal cone morse connection too – other zygomatic implants here have an external hex, so it offers something genuinely different too. Not everyone uses them, of course, but it’s important that the product line has something for everyone. We offer tapered implants or parallel walls, but there is just one restorative platform across the Neodent system so clinicians don’t need to keep a host of different connections in stock. It’s easy to use, from the surgery to the lab side – there’s a simplicity built into the Neodent brand.”
John Aiken, Business Development Manager, Instradent UK

Ian Creighton - Quintess Denta

Tasked with growing this part of the business, Ian Creighton has been appointed Implant  Sales Manager with Quintess Denta who have also just opened a new Sales support office in Dublin.  Speaking on his appointment Ian said “Over 1 million Neodent dental implants per year are chosen by dentists because of Neodent’s 99.7% survival rate, 150 clinical studies and its one prosthetic platform which makes Neodent an attractive offering.  Neodent is suitable for all clinical indications from single tooth to full arch immediate load.    Neodent customers can avail of clinical mentoring along with practice support.  It is an exciting time for the team at Quintess Denta and I look forward to building the Neodent brand across Ireland.”  Quintess Denta provide a range of global brands supported locally by a team of experts.  For more information or a free trial of the tried and trusted Neodent implant system, contact Ian on 01-6918870 or email

Client Testimonial 

“Making a change is always a worry but I can confidently say that our move to making Neodent our primary dental implant system has been straightforward. From a lead nursing point of view, implants can be complicated to manage, in regards to getting to know all the components, the drill sequences, ordering and stock control. Having used a few systems over the past 12 years, Neodent is definitely the most straightforward and simplest to learn. With its single line of restorative components, simple drilling sequence and compact surgical kit delivered with great local support, I can happily say that my job has been made easier.”

Linda Leonard, Head Nurse



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