NeoArch offers high resistance and excellence abutment stability.NeoArch offers immediate, reliable and top quality fixed edentulous solutions based on the proven product concepts at an affordable cost.


neo arch - neo dent


High stability allows immediate function

  • Tappered body and progressive square-shape threads designer to provide great intial mechanical stability. Double thread for faster implant inseration. 

  • Acqua, the hydrophilic surface, is designed to increase wettability. 

Acqua hydrophilic surface


Acqua hydrophilic surface 






Cone Morse connection provides mechanical stability 2-3 and bacterial sealing in vitro studies 4.

  • Deep cone Morse connection transfers load distribution down to the apex and offers high resistance and excellence abutment stability.
  • Conceal seal designed to prevent bacteria migration into the implant.
  • The one prosthetic connection for all implants regardless of diameter or thread style simplifying the management of the portfolio. 

  • Platform switching proven concept preserves the bone level supporting the peri-implant tissue.

Versatile CM Mini Conical Abutment

  • A broad range of options of gingiva heights to cater your patients needs.
  • 6 options for the straight abutment; 3 options for the 17 and 30 angulated abutment each. 
  • options of index and non-index CM mini conical abutment offer flexibility to locate the final position. 
  • Cone Morse connection enhances the implant abutment seating's efficiency and stability.