Medentika... now available in Ireland with Quintess Denta

Medentika A Straumann Group brand Now Available in Ireland from Quintess Denta

Quintess Denta are delighted to be awarded the exclusive distributorship in Ireland of Medentika, A Straumann group brand.  

Medentika... now available in Ireland with Quintess Denta

MEDENTIKA® supplies dental technicians, dentists and patients with an attractive system of precise implants and durable abutments, compatible with all major manufacturers.

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For more information about MEDENTIKA Contact Ian Creighton on his details below. 

Ian Creighton:
Call - 07769 352 815(NI) or 087-9471100 (Ireland)
Email -

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 Introducing MedentiLOC

The economic alternative to Locator™ abutment. The MedentiLOC® abutment is highly precise and compatible with the Novaloc™matrix system. The MedentiLOC® abutment is a particularly attractive economic alternative to the fixing of overdentures. The simple approach with the option of administering chairside treatment is an outstanding feature of the MedentiLOC® abutment. Angled MedentiLOC® abutments provide the possibility for the first time of effectively compensating for divergences between implants. MedentiLOC® Abutments are available in 5 different gingival heights. The Novaloc® abutment is a further development of our MedentiLoc abutments and provides a completely wear-free, mirror-smooth surface, which is almost as hard as Diamond.