CM Implant line

Neodent developed the Cone Morse implant line by combining a set of benefits to offer dentists a complete option that we trust is a phenomenal masterpiece. When you think of an implant to deliver an excellent treatment to your patients, the CM line is a perfect match.

Neodent/Solutions/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


easy to follow treatment workflow, compact surgical kit, and a versatile prosthetic portfolio.      

Neodent/Affordability/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


Potential to attract more patients.

Neodent/Surfaces/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


 Available with Acqua and NeoPoros surface.

Neodent/Peace of Mind/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK

 Peace of Mind        

 Lifetime guarantee. 

Neodent/Efficiency/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


 Shorter procedures and drilling protocols.

Neodent/safety/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


Cone Morse Connection for crestal bone preservation and bacterial seal.  

Neodent/Solutions/Quintess Denta/Ireland/UK


 Supporting digital workflows and guided surgery.


 Implant Features

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