Anthogyr Mont Blanc ® Optic 10400XLED 20:1 Implant Contra Angle

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Anthogyr Mont Blanc ® Optic 10400XLED 20:1 Implant Contra Angle


Anthogyr Mont Blanc ® Optic 10400XLED 20:1 Implant Contra Angle


  • Accepts 2.35 Bur

Reduction Ratio


Motor Connection Standard


Maximum Speed of Motor

40,000 RPM

Maximum Torque for the motor


Rotary instruments in compliance with ISO 1797-1

Type 1

Spray Water flow rate in compliance with ISO7785-2 (mL/min)




 About Anthogyr

As the first dental implant provider to develop a comprehensive offer, Anthogyr designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of implants and instruments to support dental health professionals in treating millions of patients across the world.  Both innovative and reactive, Anthogyr assists implantologists in their work, building their expertise.

Anthogyr is above all an amazing human story, where human contact, innovation and management continue to play a key role.  For the past 65 years, Anthogyr has been proving that an independent company on a human scale can compete effectively with the biggest players on the market.

Industrial expertise, innovation and individual commitment are the 3 powerful values that uphold and continually drive company's comprehensive solution concept.

Anthogyr's aim today is to reinforce its position as a key player in implantology, continuing to improve daily practice for customers, both dentists and laboratories, and offering solutions with significant added values.

Key Facts

  • 68 years experience in the dental industry 
  • 30 years expertise in dental implantology
  • An industrial site of 9,400 m2
  • Over 300 employees
  • 8 subsidiaries operating worldwide
  • Products distributed in more than 100 countries
  • A turnover of 34 million€ in 2013